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Culture in Tibet



Be it folk dance performances, Tibet culture is just amazing. Homing nature in bounty and with many hues of colorful lives, Tibet is simply a place to reckon with.

Tibet has everything for everyone. Rights from its rich and deep traditions, its deep-rooted cultural heritage makes it ever more significant and worthwhile. The wisdom, the knowledge about life, and harmony prevailing in Tibet is simply amazing.

You, in fact, get everything in Tibet for example tolerance, peaceful existence, and communal harmony. All this makes the culture of Tibet superbly rich and meaningful. The simplicity of life, the spirituality of minds, high hospitable standards make this place grow with confidence. With rich customs and traditions, Tibet is something to offer for everyone.

Famous Tibet Dances

One of the most stunning parts of Tibetan culture is its performing arts, which makes it ever more significant and worthwhile. As every Tibetan sings and dances, it makes this place filled with high cultural standards.

Whether it is music, drama, or dance, everything in Tibet is unimaginably impervious to western influence. Reflecting the cultural heritage of trans-Himalayan region, Tibet is just amazing. Unlike other countries, the music and dance of Tibet is high on the entertainment front and most of the songs here are religious, reverberating the Buddhist ambiance on Tibetan culture.

If you hear the songs carefully, you will realize that the singing style of Tibetan's is quite peculiar. In fact, the songs are sung from throat in a different way, which makes the singing style unique and captivating.

The sound echo in the valleys and can be heard making the valley of Tibet all the more captivating and mesmerizing.

As far as dancing is concerned, it is simply awesome. You can never run short of entertainment, especially when it comes to exquisite songs and dances of the region.

Tibet Religion

Culture of every country is largely driven by the religion it follows. Similarly, Tibet is influenced by Buddhism and this is what makes it ever more peaceful and worthy of travel.

The most widely practiced religion, i.e. Buddhism is largely followed in Tibet. In the past, every family was expected to send at least one boy to monastery, however things have changed with passage of time. Even though the economic stability of Tibetans has increased, people hugely believe in religion.

Tibetan Art

Art is probably one of the most visible forms of entertainment in Tibet. The Paintings and craft works are deeply religious and that is what makes everything in Tibet all the more significant and worthwhile. The people of Tibet are inspired by almost all religious beliefs, Tantric influence, Mahayana Buddhist, Bon influence, making it resort to Tantric feeling.

You can always find amazing pieces of art works in the form of Thangka paintings thus being enriched with Tibetan Art and Crafts. Wood prints and cliff paintings are also used in the same. You can always buy them from any general store or from an art gallery in Tibet.

Whenever you pass by a big rock, look around it, you might invite yourself of possessing the most intricate and beautiful pieces of cliff painting on it. As we know that cliff paintings in Tibet are awesome, they offer great opportunity to enjoy the pre historic times of Tibet as well.

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